Edgewalk at the CN Tower

No, I’m not up there – just capturing people who did not have to promise their spouses that they wouldn’t do that.

[url=http://www.edgewalkcntower.ca/]Edgewalk at the CN Tower[/url] allows groups of people to walk around the top of the tower (above the revolving restaurant), properly harnessed and get a great view of Toronto and on a clear day, Niagara falls.

The 2016 season started on April 11, but today was the first day I caught a glimpse of people doing the Edgewalk.

If only I hadn’t promised my spouse…

Black letter day…

Today is a black letter day for our town – a well respected and loved school superintendent was killed by a car during his morning run in our neighborhood. The driver was a 17 year old student hurrying for a school trip…

I had no idea when I saw the alert about a road closure before getting on a plane. I only found out when I landed.

This affected me more than I imagined. I didn’t know him, but knew of him. He met my wife and son a few weeks ago when my son’s team achieved something for the school, and he took a picture with the team.

His wife is an elementary school teacher and one of his three sons is in the high school. Our schools are closed today and tomorrow.

People were venting and blaming on social media and news sites, when prayers and support was all that was called for.

I wish I could have been with the rest of the town at the candlelight vigil this evening…

Life is short and unpredictable…

Being in a hotel, this was the nearest blip to a black letter day that I could find.

Rest In Peace Dr. Steven Mayer!

LegoGuy at the Buckets for Buddies

The kids participated in Buckets for Buddies today a 3-on-3 basketball tournament fundraiser for Special Olympics in Robbinsville, New Jersey. LegoGuy was among many others who cheered on as kids from the Special Olympics play a great game!

The boy at the far left was one of the main organizers of the tournament today.

LegoGuy Visits TORONTO

The giant, multi-coloured Toronto sign installed near City Hall for the Pan Am Games was in the news in the past few days for many reasons, so LegoGuy wanted to see what the fuss was all about. In the recent news:
1. A brand consultant sued the city for $2.5M saying they stole his idea
2. The city decided to make the installation permanent. The cost to taxpayers? About $150K through the end of this year.
3. There is talk of a smaller sibling sign that can go touring. Enjoyed reading [url=http://news.nationalpost.com/toronto/chris-selley-councillors-want-a-touring-version-of-the-toronto-sign-then-make-it-reflect-the-real-city]a writer’s suggestions for that touring sign[/url]

LegoGuy enjoyed the changing colors of the sign, but not as much as the changing light of day. 

LegoGuy catches a filming downtown Toronto

An episode of “The Strain” was being shot downtown Toronto, just around the corner from the office building. The entire park was trashed for the scene. It was so windy, that they didn’t have to use those giant fans. Hail stopped the shooting.
LegoGuy didn’t get to see how the crew cleaned up the neighborhood after the shoot