Lakegulls enjoy Cheerios

B&W challenge Day 2

Noticed some seagulls (lakegulls?) circling around a portion of the lake, dipping in and out of the water. When we reached nearby, noticed a lot of Cheerios floating around there…

Black Friday? More Like Grey Thursday

There was a time when Black Friday meant waking up in the wee hours of the morning after a heavy Thanksgiving dinner and lining up for deals outside brick and mortar stores. Stores used to be closed on Thanksgiving so employees could spend time with their families.

A few years ago, sales started online on Thanksgiving day, reducing the need to stand in line on Fridays.

This year, with Black Friday sales starting on Thanksgiving day… there was no need to wake up early today to go shopping…

Goodbye Florida, hello upgrades!

Not the clearest pic, but Lego is sporting a vacation shirt he got at Legoland!

End of vacation and pleasantly surprised to see that we got 2 upgrades on our flight back. One son who was pining for a first class experience was pleasantly surprised!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Got the family to try indoor skydiving at iFly Orlando. The youngest was a bit cautious but did it anyway.

This pic is taken outside the wind tunnel at iFly – it was not easy for LegoGuy to capture the Lego skydiver…

Legendary Lego Minifigure Trade Jacket

Legend has it that there is one Legoland employee who walks around with dozens of Lego minifigures to trade (most have one or two). LegoGuy spotted that jacket on Jenn… and was a bit afraid to draw attention to her, lest he get traded for another minifigure… Silly guy – I wouldn’t do that!