What? Me jump from floor 47?

He’s gone from [i]not [/i]skydiving from [url=http://www.blipfoto.com/entry/4132839]a plane at 36,000 ft[/url], and [url=http://www.blipfoto.com/entry/4128900]floor 73[/url] to not jumping from the topmost floor of the Marriott Marquis Atlanta.

Enjoying the view

After a very long time, got upgraded to a suite, on the topmost floor (47th) of the Marriott Marquis.

Woke up to rain and strong whistling winds outside, but it was cozy inside with a cuppa tea!

Had to do a panaromic, hopefully Lego is not lost in the pic (spot the Lego!)

That 70’s tunnel

Had a forced connection at Chicago ORD today. Had go between Concourse B and C for the next flight. Calming elevator music, lights changing along…

Turns out that this is an art installation called “The Sky’s the Limit” by Michael Hayden. It is a mile-long kinetic light sculpture composed of 466 neon tubes. The sculpture includes 23,600 square feet of mirror reflecting over 1 mile of neon.

Kids will enjoy it, as will people who don’t have rushed connections 🙂

Cause he had a bad day…

The bad day started when the drained iPhone was plugged in to charge at 2:30 am. After starting, something looked off – Mail, Messages, App Store, Photos, Facetime and 134 other third-party apps had disappeared. Vanished. No trace at all…

This morning after self-troubleshooting was unsuccessful, Apple Care chat spent an hour trying to troubleshoot it, but had never seen anything like that (nor was it in their internal knowledgebases). They wanted the Apple Geniuses to take a look at it as well, so off to the Apple store it was.

None of the geniuses there had seen anything like that either. They could not run diagnostics like they usually would do. The only option left. Factory reset. And just like that the 64Gb phone went from having 2 Gb available to having 2 Gb occupied.

Here’s hoping the backup from a month ago works and restores some sanity.

Two words: backup. often.

If the reverse apple logo in the store looks off, the macbook corrects it…

Where am I?

Lunch in the park, but where? Wait, it’s right there in front of him – ATLanta

The letters ATL actually is a children’s playground with climbing walls, monkey bars and a slide!

“Don’t Play With Your Food!”

Since the candy from yesterday’s Easter Egg hunt was rationed, Lego cracks the last two eggs open today. And he’s surprised to find lego-shaped candy inside!

Should a Lego eat lego candy? Does a bear eat gummy bears? Or a worm, gummy worms?

He does the one thing he knows he can do – stack and play with his lego candy. Maybe when he’s done playing, he may eat the candy…