Leaving Knoxville!

LegoGuy shares his two 2 favorite pins from DI Global Finals 16.
For those who are not familiar, pin trading is the hottest sport outside of the organized events and challenges at the event.
The frenzy cannot be understood unless experienced first hand!
The two favorite pins we got by trading were the Lego DI is awesome pin and the Camera / Twitter / Web, because LegoGuy was the unofficial photographer and tweeted on behalf of Robbinsville DI team InCREATibles!
Tweets here: [url=https://mobile.twitter.com/LegoGuyDI]https://mobile.twitter.com/LegoGuyDI[/url]

Destination Imagination Global Finals 2016

Winners and runner ups from 20 countries converged in Knoxville, TN today as Global Finals of Destination Imagination kicks off tomorrow. My son’s team was placed 2nd in their category in NJ and was invited to participate. Our first time here and it looks like a lot of fun.

In the background (and in the thumbnail) is the Sunsphere.

Double Rainbow!

LegoGuy got a great sighting of a double rainbow. Photography isn’t always about the best equipment – but a lot of right place, right time, keen eye, and a ready camera.
The fancy camera wasn’t charged, favorite point and shoot was borrowed, but got the iPhone out just in time

Township Shredding

Our township had a shredding and donation drive at the fire station. We took a bag of papers that would have taken us a couple of hours to shred at home, along with some donation items.
Kids enjoyed seeing the docs being instantly shredded on the spot

Princeton Sunset

Drove past Princeton after a long time, and the sun was setting just as I passed through the local airport.

Fake Castle

First time I stayed at a hotel that looked like a Castle that wasn’t in Las Vegas, but in a quiet town in NJ. View from my room on Fl. 3.  It’s the [url=http://www.starwoodhotels.com/sheraton/property/photos/index.html?propertyID=865]Sheraton Parsippany[/url] if you’re interested in looking at some of their pics

Police Unity Tour

The [url=http://policeunitytour.com/]Police Unity Tour[/url] passed through our town today. Though it has been an annual event for many years, this was the first time we saw it pass by. It is a 300-mile bicycle ride over 4 days to raise money and awareness for police officers killed in the line of duty. It began at the Sept. 11 memorial in Manhattan and they ride to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and Museum in Washington, D.C.

Mother’s Day

LegoGuy kept up with the family tradition of celebrating part of the day at the local Azalea festival at Sayen Gardens. It is a beautiful garden in full bloom around this time and a wonderful time to visit. Good music (including a harp player), food trucks, and a scenic location for pictures.

LegoGuy captures LegoGal with the two sons… You may not make out from this angle, but the red thing is actually a Lego heart