Happy Halloween!

Finding a witch was not easy in the sealed Lego packs. The bent pointy hat helped…
I had to feel about 30 packets before finding her!

Bricktober Kayak

Toys R Us had an event for ages 5 and over where they could build and keep a Lego Kayak.

LegoGuy was second in line, and while the kayak fits him perfectly, he’s not sure if he can safely kayak in the bathtub 🙂

Getting a haircut

LegoGuy visited the local barber shop. The TV mounted to the ceiling had a dramatic Hindi movie playing, with the female lead chained to train tracks with a slow approaching train, while the male lead was frantically trying to save her.

That’s what those barbers are looking at, while the patrons keep their fingers crossed as they wait.

LegoGuy took solace in the saying: the difference between a good haircut and a bad one is… One week!