Venus, Mars & 13!

Not sure why my wife didn’t like my 13th wedding anniversary gift. It took a lot of thought and planning to combine her love of shoes, with both traditional and modern 13th wedding anniversary gifts of canvas and lace! Apparently canvas shoes with laces are not a good choice…

Only later did I get a hint of a Secret of someone named Victoria for lace… And that store is near the Apple watch store where there may be a canvas watch strap!

Hopefully I won’t mess up next year’s gift!

Fly & Frog

The fly watched the frog watch the photographer. No one was hurt in the taking of this pic!

Lightning Over Atlanta

Though I’ve got some nice shots of lightning over Atlanta in the past, this is the first time I managed to get it with the Bank Of America building in the picture (all other times, my hotel room was facing the other direction). Would have been much more dramatic with a long exposure, but I think this is great for being trigger ready with a point and shoot.

Rain rain go away

Supposed to be a heavy downpour this evening, that thankfully did not happen. Allowed the carnival to end with a bang (and many more during the fireworks)


Yet Another Root Canal. But this one needed 3 shots and the dentist felt the need to prescribe painkillers since she was pretty sure the over the counter dosages would not help.

Sadly enough, she was correct…

This is one gory selfie…

Flatiron Building

I just realized that I had never photographed this iconic building, so I walked 25 extra blocks to do it today. Also helped me walk more steps than my previous record at Epcot 🙂