Earth Day

Visit to the neighborhood watershed with the preschoolers to celebrate Earth Day. Yes that is a fully grown frog- we spotted 3 of them !

They were let go after the kids got a closer look…

Holi Celebration 2015

Since the weather in the northeast was not warm during the actual Holi festival (festival of colors), it was celebrated today when it was above 80 degrees.

The kids were not content with dry colors and the out came the water guns and balloons. These kids try to escape the water burst coming at them…


BYOC – Bring Your Own Container

7Eleven had a promotion on April 11 where customers could bring in their own containers (within reason) and fill them up with a 7Eleven slurpee. Though we did not participate, we noticed these two at a stop sign… apparently there were[url=] many more interesting containers[/url]

Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter! LegoGuy has his focus set (literally and photographically) on the nicest one of them all.

Bonus: find the other eggs: 10 jelly bean eggs and 2 pistachio-eggs if you can…