Lightning Over Calhoun

Lightning strikes between 2 of the 3 big restaurants in Calhoun, GA (yes, map that!) – Applebees on the left and Longhorn steakhouse on the right. Shot with my travel point and shoot from the highest floor (4th) of my hotel.

Calhoun is a lot different from Atlanta, where I got my [url=]last lightning shot[/url]

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Finally got around to selecting a few pics to share from the Grand Canyon trip… Enjoyed staying the night of July 4th in a lodge in the park, and while LegoGuy was hoping to wake up early to catch sunrise, he didn’t…

The family hiked a mile down and back on one of the trails though!

Hello & Goodbye

Had a little over a day to spend here, so finished walking the Las Vegas strip in a few hours, and drove to Zion National Park in Utah the next day. IMHO, time much better spent!