Building Castles In The Sand

The entire family took some well deserved time away from the city at a nearby beach in Gorai. The kids had fun trying to build sand structures and  their lesson in why they could not keep their moat full – try as they may 🙂

LegoGuy had his “beach” shirt and cap on!

Umbraacha Paani – East Indian Christian Wedding

LegoGuy participated in his first “Umbraacha Paani” – a ritual celebrated just before the wedding, and it was one to remember!

Our entire extended family went dancing through the streets near the groom’s house to collect water (paani) for his “bath”. However the poor groom (sitting) was also treated to eggs, turmeric, and doused in all sorts of beverages.

100 Year Old Queen’s Necklace

LegoGuy sneaked out with LegoGal the day before Christmas for a long walk down memory lane. The walk included going to the tip of Marine Drive (also known as Queen’s Necklace because that’s what it looks like when lit up at night). 
Marine Drive turned 100 this month and it is a Bombay landmark ([url=]WSJ article and pics[/url])

Qutub Minar

LegoGuy visited some sights in Delhi – including another World Heritage Site – the Qutub Minar

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Legoguy took his family to visit one of the world’s most iconic buildings – the Taj Mahal. He sneaked away with Legogal before dawn to catch sunrise at the Taj, and then came back later with the parents and kids. The kids enjoyed hearing the history later of the monument and learning about how and why it was built…