Family portrait

LegoGuy gets the family lined up for a family portrait. The kids decided to configure the minifigures to represent themselves during our Legoland visit last year.
Turns out that Lego minifigure magnets are a nice way to get the kids to stand still 🙂

FYI, [url=]yesterday’s entry[/url] was missing the tag, but in my defense, I thought the article link would give it away…

Italian Feast!

LegoGuy had cravings for some Italian food and remembered a wonderful review of an Italian Restaurant he had read a while ago: [url=]“The place is impressive.  It’s fashioned in Tuscan farmhouse style with a welcoming entryway. There is seating for those who are waiting.”[/url]

Thankfully there was no waiting, but when he was there, he felt like family, and the pic of the day was his unlimited bread stick and salad. But he did leave just enough space for dessert!

No points for guessing the name of the restaurant…

Skiing Fresh Powder

LegoGuy gets ready to ski atop piled up snow. Snow mound, snow mountain… same difference to LegoGuy.
Let’s see what snow storm and blizzard Juno has in store this evening and tomorrow!

Harlem Wizards

Basketball circus as the Harlem Wizards played the local school teachers… One of the wizards shoots a hoop while warming up…

Little does LegoGuy know…

… that LegoGuy is not in a big hole, but inside a footprint (quite like that shot in Jurassic Park where they zoom out to show that the person is inside a dino-footprint). Sometimes a bird’s eye view helps…

First big snow of the year that LegoGuy experienced, and as he gets ready to shovel

Los Angeles Skyline After Dark

LegoGuy visits the Griffith Observatory – if he could have reached here at the golden hour this picture would have been much better. Even with the Point and Shoot… And maybe even a picture of the Hollywood sign (since it is not lit up at dark)

Was nice seeing Comet Lovejoy and Pluto and its 4 moons