Grating coconut

Two generations ago, my nana used a 2-D serrated blade attached to a wooden platform to grate a coconut clean off the shell.

The kids had fun grating with the 3D grater today…

Breaking A Coconut

There’s something about using freshly grated coconut while cooking certain dishes… but breaking a coconut isn’t easy. 
So when we came across this “Coconut Breaker” abroad, we gave it a shot, and it works surprisingly well. And even after breaking a few coconuts, the plastic did not break (my first concern)…
The coconut water collects below and after a quick strain, great for drinking


Now that LegoGuy’s done with his 365 continuous pics, it felt weird not posting for a day, and not having a pic without LegoGuy in it…

Stained Glass… Not

It was a pain breaking and clearing the walkway of the ice this morning. One piece did break off nicely like an unstained glass window and LegoGuy captured it before it was shoveled away