LegoGuy tries getting up close and personal with snow after yet another 6″ of snow.

Of the few pics taken with my iPhone, this one stood out, with the light nicely highlighting a few snowflakes!

A streetcar named… Atlanta

The [url=]Atlanta streetcar project[/url] finally went live the second last day of 2014, and LegoGuy finally got to ride it this weekend.

People are still getting used to it with cars and pedestrians blocking the tracks for much of the ride. Not to mention that Atlanta was host to a cheer-leading competition and some auditions for “The Voice” which increased the foot traffic in downtown Atlanta

Cupcake ATM

LegoGuy is fascinated to learn that ATMs don’t exist only to withdraw money; they can also convert money to cupcakes!

Rain sometimes bring bows

LegoGuy was excited to see a rainbow on an otherwise gloomy day, with part of the third consecutive weekend taken up by travel disruptions.
Got this pic from the office conference room just as a conference call was about to begin