Happy Easter!

Work up this morning to catch the Easter sun rising. It was cold and windy by the lake, but he’s got the dry tree of lent behind him and he’s focusing on the sunrise and new life of the tree ahead.

Happy Easter!

Spring cleaning

“Does that bag really have to go? I came to this country with all my belongings in that bag” he pleaded, knowing fully well what the outcome would be…

Total lunar eclipse :-)

Set up alarm for 2:50 am Eastern to see the blood red moon at its peak (predicted for 3:07 Eastern). Everything looked foggy, so he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. No it wasn’t his groggy eyes – but the cloud cover in Atlanta made for a foggy view out of his 45th floor room at the Marriott Marquis, downtown Atlanta. A telescope did not help either.

Bummed that he got a regular total lunar eclipse instead of a blood red one after carrying an SLR, a tripod and battery chargers on a tightly packed business trip, he rolled right into bed around 3:15 am… He was glad he did not dress up for the no-show (and that explains the silhouette 🙂

BTW, that’s the Suntrust building in downtown Atlanta in the background

Dino-skeleton at Chicago O’Hare Airport

After realizing that the [url=http://www.blipfoto.com/entry/4159668]Atlanta airport dino-skeleton[/url] was not dangerous, he braved a bigger one at ORD today getting as close as he could with his wide angle lens…

Spring has sprung

The lone cherry blossom against a backdrop of bare brown trees that are still waiting for their spring call… Could not make it to the DC Cherry Blossom festival this weekend, so making do with this one by the lake.

Lego and I both have new point and shoot cameras 🙂

Kids’ wood project at Lowe’s

Once a month Lowe’s holds a workshop for kids to make projects – this time they made recycle trucks (Earth day month). Yes, that’s supposed to be his hammer / mallet (though it looks eerily like an axe 🙂